Denzil Smith is something of a prodigy when it comes to theatre. Like most obsessions it has a thorough aspect, which may explain why Smith, who has been a veteran of the stage for over 20 years and has appeared in more than 19 films has effortlessly made audiences laugh or cry – depending on the part he's played. It may also explain why as you theatre hop across London's Westend, New-York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sydney, Brussels, Toronto and even in a remote corner of darkest Bucharest, you find performing on stage, this versatile and thoroughly professional Indian actor. One would have thought that a maverick of this nature would be badly in need of a coffee break or at the very least a coke fix between his theatre, film and television assignments. Instead Denzil spends his coffee breaks dubbing for commercials, documentaries, foreign language and animation films and planning new original productions as artistic director of his theatre company, Stagesmith.

Denzil Smith: Actor. Voice over artist. Coffee-drinking Philopsopher. Compulsive Cleaner.