Live Action Films

Film titleActorCharacterDub LanguageOriginal LanguageOriginal Year releaseDub Year releaseNotes
Batman ForeverVal KilmerBruce Wayne / Batman (First Dub)HindiEnglish19951995
Saptrishi Ghosh dubbed this role in second Hindi dub.
The previous actor of the character was Michael Keaton and the Hindi dubbing actor was Samay Raj Thakkar.
Batman & RobinGeorge ClooneyBruce Wayne / Batman (First Dub)HindiEnglish19971997
Performed alongside Shanoor Mirza who voiced Chris O’Donnell as Dick Grayson / Robin, Anil Datt who voiced Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze in Hindi.
The PhantomBilly ZaneKit
Walker / The Phantom
Performed alongside Shakti Singh who voiced James Remar as Quill in Hindi.
HellboyCorey JohnsonAgent Clay (First Dub)HindiEnglish20042004
Performed alongside Rajesh Jolly who voiced Ron Perlman as Hellboy in Hindi.
V for VendettaHugo WeavingV
(First Dub)
Blade: TrinityWesley SnipesEric Brooks / Blade (First Dub)HindiEnglish20042004 
Captain America: The Winter SoldierRobert RedfordAlexander PierceHindiEnglish20142014
Performed alongside Joy Sengupta who voiced Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America in Hindi.
Ant-Man and the WaspLaurence FishburneBill FosterHindiEnglish20182018 
Avengers: EndgameRobert RedfordAlexander PierceHindiEnglish20192019 
DumboAlan ArkinJ. Griffin RemingtonHindiEnglish20192019 

Animated Series

Program titleOriginal voiceCharacterDub LanguageOriginal LanguageNumber of EpisodesOriginal AirdateDubbed AirdateNotes
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersDavid CoburnCaptain PlanetHindiEnglish 
15 September 1990 – 11 May 1996